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User-visible changes.
Since (2007-11-20)
* REXML from 1.8.6-p11[01] is more broken than anticipated; more invasive
workarounds. Tested on 1.8.6-p110 and 1.8.5. Note that code using REXML to
generate XML will behave differently under rcov in 1.8.6-p11[01] (to begin
with, it won't crash in REXML::Document#write).
Since 0.8.1 (2007-11-19)
* REXML workaround incorrectly applied to 1.8.6 < p110
* --spec-only should work with RSpec trunk and detect when it cannot work
Since 0.8.0 (2007-02-28)
* you can use an existent data file to generate coverage reports without
having to execute your code again
* --spec-only: only consider cover code executed inside a spec
(tested with RSpec 1.0.5, 1.0.8)
* --charset can be used to specify the charset in the Content-Type declaration
* workaround for bugs in Safari, IE (self-closing anchors break colorization)
* workaround for bugs in REXML shipped with 1.8.6-p110
* rethrow exceptions generated by traced scripts
* compatibility with Ruby < 1.8.5
Since 0.7.0 (2006-08-04)
* --annotate mode, which dumps annotated source code which can be used to
follow the control flow (very useful when reading third-party code)
* --gcc option to display uncovered lines in GCC error format
* superior Emacs support: running rcov, jumping to uncovered code, navigate
through cross-referenced annotated code
* --[no-]validator-links
* differential code coverage reports work with filenames containing special
* fixed recent segfaults happening with rspec
* more care name mangling
Minor enhancements
* relevant summary values are identified using separate CSS classes
Since 0.6.0 (2006-06-12)
* coverage/callsite data from multiple runs can be aggregated (--aggregate)
* the SCRIPT_LINES__ workaround works better
* fixed silly bug in coverage data acquisition (line after the correct one
marked in some situations)
* avoid problems with repeated path separators in default ignore list, based
on rbconfig's data
Minor enhancements
Since 0.5.0 (2006-05-30)
* differential coverage report: --text-coverage-diff (-D) and --save
Tells you when you've added new code that was not covered by the tests and
when code that used to be covered isn't anymore. Integration with vim
(contributions for other editors/IDEs welcome).
* fully cross-referenced reports, indicating where methods are called from
and which methods were called for each line (--xrefs)
* cross-referenced report generation is now over 4 times faster for
applications with deep call stacks (such as Rails apps)
* comments at EOF are marked now
* better handling of multiline hashes/arrays
* better handling of end/}: support chained method calls and more expressions
on the same line
* better handling of heredocs with interpolation
Minor enhancements
* more readable --text-coverage
* set whether comments are "run" by default instead of attaching them to
the following block of code (--[no-]comments)
* --report-cov-bug can be used to report bugs in the coverage analysis
Since 0.4.0 (2006-05-22)
* ability to create cross-referenced reports, indicating where methods are
called from (--callsites)
* more refinements in the heuristics: now several kinds of multi-line quoted
strings are handled properly
* --include-file to specify files not to be ignored in the report(s)
* implemented a task generator for Rant
* corrected the LOC counts in the XHTML summaries
* pure-Ruby tracing module works again; was broken in 0.4.0
* RcovTask#ruby_opts fixed; they were being passed to rcov instead of ruby
* solved the DOCTYPE issue (it'd get put at the end of the file under some
Ruby versions)
Minor enhancements
* slightly more readable XHTML reports, esp. for IE
* text reports fit in 79 columns so they look OK with cmd.exe
* try to guide the user when all files were considered "uninteresting" by rcov
* the output_dir is preserved in RcovTasks when the user specifies --profile
via the RCOVOPTS env. var.
Since 0.3.0 (2006-05-05)
* easy automation via Rake using the bundled Rcov::RcovTask
* better heuristics: supports heredocs at last, including variants your editor
is probably unable to handle, and =begin/=end comments
* --rails option to ignore files under vendor/, enviroment/ and config/
* parts of the runtime exposed and documented for external use
* new color scheme, with alternating shades of the base colors
* -w to set $VERBOSE=true (turns on warnings)
* --text-report and --text-summary
* --sort and --sort-reverse for the summaries and reports
* --threshold and --only-uncovered
* --replace-progname
Backwards incompatible changes
* renamed --text to --text-counts and --rich-text to --text-coverage: they
were misnamed to begin with
* changed the meaning of -t and -T (--text-summary and --text-report)
* $0 is not changed by default for each loaded file anymore; the old
behavior (modulo a small bugfix) can be reproduced with --replace-progname
Since 0.2.0 (2006-02-25)
* --exclude-only
* consolidate multiple references to the same underlying .rb file
(much needed for Rails)
* --test-unit-only
* consider and/op operators
* honor --no-color in (rich) text mode
* output valid XHTML indices
Since 0.1.0
Tons. Better output, MUCH faster (two orders of magnitude), better command