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<tt>rcov.vim</tt> allows you to run unit tests from vim and enter quickfix mode in
order to jump to uncovered code introduced since the last run.
== Installation
Copy <tt>rcov.vim</tt> to the appropriate "compiler" directory (typically
== Usage
=== Setting the reference point
+rcov+'s <tt>--text-coverage-diff</tt> mode compares the current coverage status against
the saved one. It therefore needs that information to be recorded
before you write new code (typically right after you perform a commit) in
order to have something to compare against.
You can save the current status with the <tt>--save</tt> option.
If you're running +rcov+ from Rake, you can do something like
rake rcov_units RCOVOPTS="-T --save --rails"
in order to take the current status as the reference point.
=== Finding new uncovered code
Type the following in command mode while editing your program:
:compiler rcov
rcov.vim assumes +rcov+ can be invoked with a rake task (see
README.rake[link:files/README_rake.html] for
information on how to create it).
You can then execute +rcov+ and enter quickfix mode by typing
:make <taskname>
where taskname is the +rcov+ task you want to use; if you didn't override the
default name in the Rakefile, just
:make rcov
will do.
vim will then enter quickfix mode, allowing you to jump to the areas that were
not covered since the last time you saved the coverage data.
# vim: ft=text :