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Lua script for the Notion window manager
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Lua script for the Notion window manager that hides the tab bar of frames which contain exactly one client window. Tagged frames are excluded.

If you've used min_tabs.lua, this script's advantages are:

  • It doesn't define a hard-coded (or any) keybinding
  • It works for the sratchpad
  • It recovers from exiting Notion without closing all client windows first more gracefully


Copy hide_tabs.lua to ~/.notion/

curl -fLo ~/.notion/hide_tabs.lua \

and enable it by adding dopath("hide_tabs") to (usually) your cfg_notion.lua.


If some tab bars aren't hidden, you may need to modify your drawing engine style (but all the default styles appear to work). Drawing engine styles are usually defined in files named look_foo.lua. You can try adding

de.defstyle("frame-tiled-alt", {
    bar = "none",

de.defstyle("frame-unknown-alt", {
    bar = "none",

de.defstyle("frame-floating-alt", {
    bar = "none",

de.defstyle("frame-transient-alt", {
    bar = "none",



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