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; Parser Generator in the Nu Programming Language
(function foreach (f l) (if l (cons (f (car l)) (foreach f (cdr l)))))
(function reduce (f i l) (while l (set i (f i (car l))) (set l (cdr l))) i)
(class PExpr is NSObject
(- children is @children)
(- name is @name)
(- initWithName:name children:children is
(set @name name)
(set @children children)
(- description is
(set childrenStr (foreach (do (x) (+ " " (x description))) @children))
(+ "(" (@name stringValue) (reduce + "" childrenStr) ")"))
(- stringValue is
(reduce + "" (foreach (do (x) (x stringValue)) @children)))
(+ exprWithName:name children:children is
((PExpr alloc) initWithName:name children:children)))
(class PToken is NSObject
(- description is (+ "(PToken " @name " \"" @content "\")"))
(- stringValue is @content)
(- initWithName:name content:content is
(set self (super init))
(set @name name)
(set @content content) self)
(+ tokenWithName:name content:content is
((PToken alloc) initWithName:name content:content)))
;Test if target matches beginning of source
;return number of characters matched
(function consume (target source)
(if ((target class) isSubclassOfClass:NSString)
(if (and (>= (source length) (target length))
(== target (source substringToIndex:(target length))))
(target length))
(else if ((target class) isSubclassOfClass:NSRegularExpression)
(set range ((target firstMatchInString:source options:0
range:`(0 ,(source length))) range))
(if (and range (== 0 (car range))) (car (cdr range))))))
(macro any-of (*any)
(set error (reduce + "expected any of" (foreach (do (f) (+ " " f)) *any)))
(function any (arg)
(set result `(PExpr exprWithName:"|"
children:(list (expect ,(car arg)))))
(if (not (cdr arg)) result
(else `(try ,result (catch (o) ,(any (cdr arg)))))))
`(do () (try ,(any *any) (catch (object) (throw ,error)))))
(macro zero-or-more-of (*many)
`(do ()
(set __children '())
(while ,(*many length)
(try ,@(foreach (do (m)
`(set __children (append __children (list (expect ,m))))) *many)
(catch (o) (break))))
(PExpr exprWithName:"*" children:__children)))
(macro one-or-more-of (*many)
`(do ()
(set __children (quote ,(foreach (do (m) (expect m)) *many)))
(while ,(*many length)
(try ,@(foreach (do (m)
`(set __children (append __children (list (expect ,m))))) *many)
(catch (o) (break))))
(PExpr exprWithName:"+" children:__children)))
(macro optional-of (*many)
`(do ()
(PExpr exprWithName:"?" children:
(try (list ,@(foreach (do (m) `(expect ,m)) *many))
(catch (o) '())))))
(macro sequence-of (*many)
`(do ()
(PExpr exprWithName:"&"
children:(quote ,(foreach (do (m) (expect m)) *many)))))
;See bottom of source file for usage example
(macro parser (name *rules)
(function replace (expr)
(if (atom expr) expr
(case (car expr)
('| 'any-of)
('+ 'one-or-more-of)
('* 'zero-or-more-of)
('? 'optional-of)
('& 'sequence-of)
(else (car expr)))
(foreach replace (cdr expr))))))
;;TODO fix exceptions
`(function ,name (*args) ; (function ,name (__src *start))
(set __src nil)
(set __start nil)
(if (== (*args length) 1)
(set __src (car *args))
(else if (== (* args length) 2)
(set __src (car (cdr *args)))
(set __start (car *args)))
(else throw "invalid number of arguments"))
(set __index 0)
(function __advance (i)
(set __src (__src substringFromIndex:i))
(set __index (+ __index i)))
(function expect (str)
(if (or ((send str class) isSubclassOfClass:NSString)
((send str class) isSubclassOfClass:NSRegularExpression))
(set __name (str description))
(if ((send str class) isSubclassOfClass:NSRegularExpression)
(set __name (+ "/" (str pattern) "/")))
(let (i (consume str __src))
(if i (let ((token (PToken tokenWithName:__name
content:(__src substringToIndex:i))))
(__advance i) token)
(else (throw (+ "expected " (str description) " at " __index)))))
;treat as rule
,@(foreach (do (__rule)
`(function ,(car __rule) ()
(PExpr exprWithName:,(+ (car __rule))
children:(list ,@(foreach (do (__f)
`(expect ,(replace __f)))
(cdr __rule)))))) *rules)
(set tree (,(car (car *rules))))
(if (__src length) (throw (+ "unexpected remainder: " __src)))
;Silent if test is successful
;x- is abbreviation for "expected-"
(macro test (name expr x-result x-error)
(if (!= x-result 'nil)
`(try (assert (== (,expr description) ,(x-result description)))
(catch (o) (puts (+ ,(+ name) " test failed: "
(try (,expr description) (catch (p) o))))))
`(try ,expr (catch (o) (if (!= (o description) ,(x-error description))
(puts (+ ,(+ name " test failed: ") (o description)))))))))
(test simple ((parser __p (a "a")) "")
nil "expected a at 0")
(test simple ((parser __p (a "aa" "b")) "aa")
nil "expected b at 2")
(test two-deep ((parser __p (a b) (b c) (c d) (d "d")) "d")
(a (b (c (d (PToken d "d"))))) nil)
(test regex ((parser __p (a /a+/)) "aaaa")
"(a (PToken /a+/ \"aaaa\"))" nil)
(test any-of ((parser __p (a (| "a" "b" "c"))) "a")
(a (| (PToken a "a"))) nil)
(test any-of ((parser __p (a (| "a" "b" "c"))) "d")
nil "expected any of a b c")
(test any-of ((parser __p (a (| "a" "b" "c"))) "a")
(a (| (PToken a "a"))) nil)
(test any-of-regex ((parser __p (a (| "a" "b" /c/))) "c")
"(a (| (PToken /c/ \"c\")))" nil)
(test any-of-sequence ((parser __p (a (| (& "a" "b") "c"))) "ab")
(a (| (& (PToken a "a") (PToken b "b")))) nil)
(test zero-or-more-of ((parser __p (a (*))) "")
(a (*)) nil)
(test zero-or-more-of ((parser __p (a (* "a" "b" "c"))) "abc")
(a (* (PToken a "a") (PToken b "b") (PToken c "c"))) nil)
(test one-or-more-of ((parser __p (a (+ "a" "b" "c"))) "abc")
(a (+ (PToken a "a") (PToken b "b") (PToken c "c"))) nil)
(test one-or-more-of ((parser __p (a (+ "a" "b" "c"))) "abcabcabc")
(a (+ (PToken a "a") (PToken b "b") (PToken c "c")
(PToken a "a") (PToken b "b") (PToken c "c")
(PToken a "a") (PToken b "b") (PToken c "c"))) nil)
(test optional-of ((parser __p (a "b" (? "a" "a") "b")) "bb")
(a (PToken b "b") (?) (PToken b "b")) nil)
(test optional-of ((parser __p (a "b" (? "a" "a") "b")) "baab")
(a (PToken b "b") (? (PToken a "a") (PToken a "a")) (PToken b "b")) nil)
(test unicode ((parser __p (wsp /(\u0020|\u0009|\u000D|\u000A)*/)) " ")
"(wsp (PToken /(\\u0020|\\u0009|\\u000D|\\u000A)*/ \" \"))" nil)
(macro svg-parser (rule)
`(parser ,((+ "svg-" rule) symbolValue)
(value ,rule)
(angle number (? (| /deg/i /grad/i /rad/i)))
(color (| /[#][0-9a-f][0-9a-f][0-9a-f]([0-9a-f][0-9a-f][0-9a-f])?/i
([] "rgb(" wsp* integer comma integer comma integer wsp* ")")
(comma wsp* "," wsp*)
(comma-wsp (| ([] wsp+ (? ",") wsp*) ([] "," wsp*)))
(wsp* /(\u0020|\u0009|\u000D|\u000A)*/)
(wsp+ /(\u0020|\u0009|\u000D|\u000A)+/)
(coordinate length)
(icccolor "icc-color(" name (+ comma-wsp number) ")")
(name /[^,()\u0020\u0009\u000D#\u000A]/) ;any char except ",", "(", ")" or wsp
(integer /[+-]?[0-9]+/)
(length number (? (| /em/i /ex/i /px/i /in/i /cm/i /mm/i /pt/i /pc/i)))
(list-of-strings string | string wsp+ list-of-strings)
(string /[^\u0009\u000A\u000D\u0020]*/)
(number (| /[+-]?[0-9]*[.][0-9]+/ integer))
(number-optional-number (| number ([] number comma-wsp number)))
(percentage number "%")
(time number (| "ms" "s"))))
(svg-parser number)
(svg-parser length)
(puts (svg-number "12.0"))
(catch (object)
(puts object)))
(set i 0)
(while (< i 100)
(set i (+ i 1))
(svg-length "12px")
(catch (object)
(puts object))))
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