Illustrator Scripts
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A collection of some useful Adobe Illustrator scripts.


Over the last year or so, I’ve cobbled together a couple Illustrator scripts that export multiple artboards in an Illustrator document as PNG files, and export multiple layers as PNG files. I’d been meaning to merge them into one script, but had never quite gotten around to it until Khoi tweeted that he was looking for a script that did just that, but to PDF format.

So, a couple train rides later, I’ve finally combined the two scripts into a single one with a couple more added features: you can choose to export as PDFs in addition to PNGs, and you can also export the product of artboards and layers.

Full details here:


Checks a document for overprinting white type, CMYK black type and alerts you if your document is in RGB color mode. Not the most intelligent script, but does the trick most of the time.