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1 {% extends "base.html" %}
2 {% block content %}
3 <h2>Eva Ericsson LCSW</h2>
4 <p>
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5 <center><b><i>Insight to understand. Courage to change.</i></b></center>
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6 </p><p>
7 Eva helps individuals and couples in the western suburbs better understand the issues that limit their
8 potential for happiness, then encourages them to take small, brave steps toward positive change.
9 </p><p>
10 Using a variety of approaches to achieve this “better understanding,” Eva also draws on more than 30
11 years of therapeutic clinical experience. Her advice and guidance is grounded in a realistic view of the
12 stresses of modern life, as well as a huge reservoir of compassion for her fellow human beings trying to
13 navigate it successfully.
14 </p><p>
15 Eva welcomes adolescents, adults and couples of all races, faiths and sexual orientations.
16 </p>
17 {% endblock %}
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