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A responsive starting point (boilerplate) for Meridian Softech's CodeIgniter PHP apps. You can use it too!
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Meridian CodeIgniter CodeBase

A responsive PHP framework for use as a starting point (boilerplate) for Meridian Softech apps

This main components of this codebase are:

  • Codeigniter 2.1.0 - everyone's favourite lightweight PHP framework
  • Foundation 3 - which provides the responsiveness
  • jQuery - the popular Javascript library
  • Head JS - asynchronous script loader that speeds up loading of scripts in the DOM

Simple, Lightweight and Flexible. That's how we like it!

How To Get Started

Clone this Repo into your working directory

git clone

Change database settings for local database

  • Create a folder 'development' in application/config/
  • Copy and paste the file 'database.php' found in application/config/ into the folder application/config/development/
  • Go to application/config/development/database.php and change the settings to those of your local database server.

You are ready to go!


It's PagodaBox Ready


We enjoy hosting on PagodaBox, so we made this boilerplate ready for hosting on PagodaBox. All you have to do is visit the PagodaBox website and add a new Environment Variable

Value : PAGODA

Finally, enter your PagodaBox database settings into application/config/database.php. Enjoy!

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