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to 0.10.0

badges_sashes table gets a primary key id column. Run the following migration:

class AddIdToBadgesSashes < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def self.up
    add_column :badges_sashes, :id, :primary_key

  def self.down
    remove_column :badges_sashes, :id

set_notified!(badge = nil, sash = nil) no longer exists, just call set_notified! over the badge_sash object, with no parameters.

to 0.9.0

Adds allow_multiple boolean option to Badge#grant_to (defaults to false). If you used this method to grant a badge it will now grant only if resource doesn't have the badge.

Use badge.grant_to resource, :allow_multiple => true where needed.

to 0.8.0

No changes needed. Adds Mongoid support.

to 0.7.0

No changes needed. Adds :multiple boolean option to grant_on to grant badge multiple times.

to 0.6.0

MeritBadgeRules, MeritPointRules and MeritRankRules are now namespaced into Merit module. Move and change:

app/models/merit_{badge|point|rank}_rules.rb -> app/models/merit/{badge|point|rank}_rules.rb
-class Merit{Badge|Point|Rank}Rules
-  include Merit::{Badge|Point|Rank}Rules
+module Merit
+  class {Badge|Point|Rank}Rules
+  include Merit::{Badge|Point|Rank}RulesMethods

to 0.5.0

Add log:string column to merit_actions table.

to 0.4.0

Rankings are now integer attributes (level), they are not badges anymore. set_rank doesn't accept badge_name anymore.

to 0.3.0

Badges data is now stored in config/initializers/merit.rb using ambry syntax (not in the DB anymore, as that table needed to be in sync in all development environments).

to 0.2.0

Added had_errors boolean attribute to merit_actions table.

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