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{Db, Server, ObjectID} = require 'mongodb'
ensureObjectId = (id) ->
if typeof id is 'string' then new ObjectID id else id
isFunction = (obj) -> is '[object Function]'
class EasyMongo
constructor: (@options) -> = '' unless
@options.port = 27017 unless @options.port?
getInstance: (table, after) ->
throw new Error 'The database name must be configured (options.db)' unless @options.db?
instance = new Db @options.db, new Server, @options.port, {} (error, db) ->
console.log 'Error with connection to MongoDB server: ' + error if error
db.collection table, (error, collection) ->
console.log 'Error with fetching collection: ' + error if error
after db, collection
findById: (table, id, after = ->) ->
@getInstance table, (db, collection) ->
params = _id: ensureObjectId id
catch exception
console.log 'Error with fetching document by id: ' + exception
return after false
collection.find(params).toArray (error, results) ->
console.log 'Error with fetching document by id: ' + error if error
after if results.length is 1 then results[0] else false
find: (table, params, options, after) ->
if isFunction params
after = params
params = null
options = {}
if isFunction options
after = options
options = {}
after = (->) if not after
options = {} if not options
@getInstance table, (db, collection) ->
params._id = ensureObjectId params._id if params?._id?
catch exception
console.log 'Error with fetching documents: ' + exception
return after []
cursor = collection.find(params)
cursor.sort options.sort if options.sort
cursor.limit options.limit if options.limit
cursor.skip options.skip if options.skip
cursor.toArray (error, results) ->
console.log 'Error with fetching documents: ' + error if error
after results
save: (table, params, after = ->) ->
@getInstance table, (db, collection) ->
params._id = ensureObjectId params._id if params._id? params, safe: true, (error, results) ->
console.log 'Error with saving data: ' + error if error
after if params._id? then params else results[0]
module.exports = EasyMongo
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