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Easy Mongo

It's a small exstension for Mongo DB Native NodeJS Driver.

var easymongo = require('easymongo');

var mongo = new easymongo({db: 'test'});'users', {name: 'Alexey', surname: 'Simonenko', url: ''}, function(results) {
  console.log(results); // Returns a new document (array).

mongo.find('users', {name: 'Alexey'}, {limit: 1}, function(results) {
  console.log(results); // Always return array of documents.

mongo.count('users', {name: 'Alexey'}, function(results) {
  console.log(results); // Amount (int). If error occur then returns false.

mongo.findById('users', '4e4e1638c85e808431000003', function(results) {
  console.log(results); // Returns a document (array). If error occur then returns false.

mongo.removeById('users', '4e4e1638c85e808431000003', function(results) {
  console.log(results); // Returns a deleted document (array). If error occur then returns false.

Install with NPM

npm install easymongo


  • find (collection, params, options, callback)
  • save (collection, params, callback)
  • count (collection, params, callback)

  • findById (collection, id, callback)

  • removeById (collection, id, callback)

Non-Javascript BSON primitive types:

  • ObjectID (string)
  • DBRef (collection, id)
  • Binary (buffer)
  • Symbol (string)
  • Long (number)
  • Double (number)
  • Timestamp
  • MinKey
  • MaxKey


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