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; Default configuration file for PHPDoctor
; This config file will cause PHPDoctor to generate API documentation of
; itself.
; PHPDoctor settings
; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Names of files to parse. This can be a single filename, or a comma separated
; list of filenames. Wildcards are allowed.
files = "*.php"
; Names of files or directories to ignore. This can be a single filename, or a
; comma separated list of filenames. Wildcards are NOT allowed.
ignore = "CVS, .svn, .git, _compiled"
; The directory to look for files in, if not used the PHPDoctor will look in
; the current directory (the directory it is run from).
source_path = "./data/source/orm2.0/lib/Doctrine/ORM"
; If you do not want PHPDoctor to look in each sub directory for files
; uncomment this line.
;subdirs = off
; Set how loud PHPDoctor is as it runs. Quiet mode suppresses all output other
; than warnings and errors. Verbose mode outputs additional messages during
; execution.
;quiet = on
;verbose = on
; Select the doclet to use for generating output.
doclet = doctrineapi
;doclet = debug
; The directory to find the doclet in. Doclets are expected to be in a
; directory named after themselves at the location given.
doclet_path = "lib/doclets"
; The directory to find taglets in. Taglets allow you to make PHPDoctor handle
; new tags and to alter the behavour of existing tags and their output.
;taglet_path = ./taglets
; If the code you are parsing does not use package tags or not all elements
; have package tags, use this setting to place unbound elements into a
; particular package.
default_package = "Doctrine"
; Specifies the name of a HTML file containing text for the overview
; documentation to be placed on the overview page. The path is relative to
; "source_path" unless an absolute path is given.
overview = README
; Package comments will be looked for in a file named package.html in the same
; directory as the first source file parsed in that package or in the directory
; given below. If package comments are placed in the directory given below then
; they should be named "<packageName>.html".
package_comment_dir = ./
; Parse out global variables and/or global constants?
globals = off
constants = off
; Generate documentation for all class members
private = off
; Generate documentation for public and protected class members
protected = on
; Generate documentation for only public class members
public = on
; Use the PEAR compatible handling of the docblock first sentence
pear_compat = on
; Standard doclet settings
; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
; The directory to place generated documentation in. If the given path is
; relative to it will be relative to "source_path".
d = "...//...//...//...//...//...//web/api/orm/2.0"
; Specifies the title to be placed in the HTML <title> tag.
windowtitle = "Doctrine 2.0 ORM"
; Specifies the title to be placed near the top of the overview summary file.
doctitle = "Doctrine - PHP Object Relational Mapper"
; Specifies the header text to be placed at the top of each output file. The
; header will be placed to the right of the upper navigation bar.
header = "Doctrine"
; Specifies the footer text to be placed at the bottom of each output file. The
; footer will be placed to the right of the lower navigation bar.
footer = "Doctrine"
; Specifies the text to be placed at the bottom of each output file. The text
; will be placed at the bottom of the page, below the lower navigation bar.
;bottom = "This document was generated by <a href="">PHPDoctor: The PHP Documentation Creator</a>"
; Create a class tree?
tree = on
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