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Your frontend? Fuel it with Nitro! Develop your frontend with a proven but flexible Node.js app, even in a large team.


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Nitro is a Node.js application for simple and complex frontend development with a tiny footprint. It provides a proven but flexible structure to develop your frontend code, even in a large team.

The codebase is split up in different packages, organized in this monorepo. Besides the main functionality including a yeoman generator, this repo includes also example projects.

  • packages/generator-nitro (yeoman generator) NPM version
  • packages/nitro-app (main serverside app) npm version
  • packages/nitro-exporter (nitro exporter package) npm version
  • packages/nitro-gulp (nitro gulp task runner) npm version
  • packages/nitro-webpack (nitro webpack config) npm version
  • packages/project-new (folder to test the generator)
  • packages/project-nitro (example project with handlebars rendering engine)
  • packages/project-nitro-twig (example project with twig rendering engine)
  • packages/project-nitro-typescript (example project with typescript)
  • packages/project-prod (example of minimum version for production use)

Getting started

Generate or update a project

Have a look at the usage section of the package 'generator-nitro' on how to create or update a project.

Sample project

Have a look at the sample project which contains the examples of a generated project and was statified with the default configuration of the 'nitro-exporter'.

Working with this repo

Have a look at the usage documentation to see how to work with this repository.


Recent changes can be viewed on Github on the Releases Page