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rget project request template

To use rget projects need to publish SHA256SUMS files. This is a template on how to politely request that those files be created.

Subject: Add Cryptographic Digests to GitHub Releases Body:

Please consider adding cryptographic digests for the files released in this project. Commonly called SHA256SUMS files they can be easily generated using the common sha256sum tool on most systems

sha256sum * > SHA256SUMS

Alternatively, there are some release automation tools that can build these files automatically.

Besides being a useful practice for download verification I would also like to use the SHA256SUMS as a way to ensure the releases aren't tampered with and track when they are modified. There is a tool called rget that can do this if you provide SHA256SUMS for your releases.

The rget tool also has a subcommand to make it easy to create SHA256SUMS for existing releases, just run:

rget github publish-release-sums