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# Public Release
x Take github credentials via environment variables
x Submit automatically after github publish happens - printed out submit instead
x Print out an rget command after submission for a user to test
x Add prometheus metrics exporting for GET requests and submission requests and hook up to stackdriver
x Implement vanity import path
x Use a different path for submissions. probably /submit or something
x File issues for creating a Trillian frontend
- Introduce rget check to check a URL works and when the certificate was issued, etc
- Make the rget root command output more useful output
x SHA256SUMS file checked
x sum of the file
- Date of the certificate issuance
x SCT checks succeeded and the logs used
x Logs checked and succeeded
- Any failed checks
- File progress if tty
- Remove panic() from the entire codebase
- Submit returns URL for domain
- Define well-known URL for discovering domain for release discovery for a domain
- Add log-search command that dumps URLs to various log search engines
- Add a test script that tries a GitHub project without SHA256SUMS
- Add test script that uses a self-signed TLS certificate not in the log
- Define roadmap for self-hosting
## PR+1 - All file GH Release Test
Use: Prove that the sha256sum can support all files for a given release
- Introduce database to hold onto sha256sum info and index to org/project/release tuple
## MVP+3 - All digests for a Docker image
Use: Prove that the scheme works for docker images as well
## Public Release
- Index top NNN docker images and github repos into the service
# Lessons Learned
- Let's encrypt requires a CN that is shorter than 64 bytes. Thus
- Github has multiple URLs for the same release tarball depending on API or website lookup
# Nice to have
- Save OAUTH token for github into a config file