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@philips philips released this
· 25 commits to master since this release
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4c7b2f3 rgetserver: fix github link
3eb5112 *: use a go vanity import path
14a5098 rgetserver: add helpful root template
0fe0344 rgetserver: add more html
aa1c85f rgetserver: use template library
66707f6 server: refactor into a new package
4235743 CODE_OF_CONDUCT: initial commit
e388f49 initial commit
57bfecf Merge pull request #9 from philips/production-prom
f14c8a4 production: add prometheus service for monitoring
1945d50 Merge pull request #8 from philips/prom-metrics
47bcf9e vendor: add promauto
464308c rget: server: add metrics endpoint
e0ec123 Merge pull request #7 from philips/production-quay
288e261 production: use images
6b0e3a7 Merge pull request #6 from philips/alpn-challenge
56ecbaf autocert: fix issue with challenge
72897e9 Merge pull request #5 from philips/readme-use-rget
d81f8b2 README: use rget urls
3163be3 gitcache: add mutex, handle delete
e7939d2 rgethash: add additional test coverage on DNSNames
f884512 autocert: use CommonName as name
f5487ba Merge pull request #4 from philips/test-refactors
46d49a0 rget: server: refactor hostpolicy into a module function
558be66 gitcache: refactor test setup to testutil
790afc8 Merge pull request #3 from philips/gitcache-test-improvements
0548172 gitcache: test GitCache directly
b4d1cf9 README: add semaphore badge
ee8508e Dockerfile: all in on go mod
3204c66 autocert: create a Policy struct for SAN handling
cca79e4 README: add a blog post link
a270ca0 go.mod: update dependencies
6e6c22c go.mod: remove unused dependencies
35cc953 Dockerfile: add test as a step
3ae1b2c README: add go report card and quay
ba84ecb README: fix spelling error
7e7d9f3 Documentation: add-crypto-digests-please: initial commit
e4ec5c7 Documentation: integrations: add goreleaser link
913faeb Documentation: add integrations file
a0bfdd7 Documentation: initial commit
2659d27 README: add the blog/newsletter link
152ec04 Merge branch 'master' of
60f3f83 README: add FAQ about modified releases
0be33b6 reget: redundant error formatting
95c8fd5 rget: fail server with more helpful info
cec0cf0 TODO: add vanity import path item