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Aeroclub booking site created for Omarama Aviation Inc.
This is my first large project using PHP and was done free as a learning exercise but with a usefull site at completion.
There is some javascript, along with some AJAX features.
Some things would be done differently, if I was to do this again from scratch. For example I would use jQuery or something similar. :-)
* Supports booking of one aircraft, but would be easy to add multi-aircraft capability.
* Uses AJAX to check dates while you fill in your booking for fast feed back.
* Notice board that admins can post to.
* Offers summary info without logging in, detailed once logged in.
* Mulitple admins
* Can notify any member by email, when bookings are made (usally admins)
* GPL license.
Designed with a small number of members in mind, there is no self registration, or password retrieval. Its expected that you can just ring/email one of the admins.
Images are kept to a minium to keep the site responsive.
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