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Focus mode is a state where you are focusing on one thing and one thing only. This is what this plugin does for you.

No matter the initial layout of your Vim session, once you activate focus mode all buffers except for the current one will be closed. Also, the only remaining buffer will be centered in your Vim window so you can have it in the center of your viewing area. When you exit focus mode all your previously opened buffers will be restored for you along with their corresponding windows.


Animated gif of the extension


No requirements (except Vim of course). This is a stand-alone plugin with no outside dependencies.


  1. Vundle Add the following line to your .vimrc:

     Bundle "merlinrebrovic/focus.vim"

    After this just source your .vimrc and run :BundleInstall inside Vim.

  2. Pathogen Copy or clone this repository to .vim/bundle folder (vimfiles\bundle on Windows).

  3. Manually
    Copy focus.vim script to .vim/plugin folder (vimfiles\plugin on Windows).


By default the plugin maps the <leader>fmt combination for toggling the focus mode. You can set your own combination by adding the following lines in your .vimrc:

let g:focus_use_default_mapping = 0
nmap key_combination <Plug>FocusModeToggle

Be sure to use nmap instead of noremap as we are counting on the result being remapped here. This is to prevent the plugin leaking stuff into the global namespace as much as possible.

You can set the desired width of the focused buffer while in focus mode. There are several ways to do this in order of priority:

  1. If the textwidth Vim option is set, it will be used.

  2. If it's not set, you can set g:focusmode_width variable at any time before entering the focus mode and Focus.vim will use that. If used regularly, put it in your .vimrc file. For example:

     let g:focusmode_width = 72
  3. If the previous values were not set, the default value (80) is used.


Copyright (c) Merlin Rebrović. Distributed under the MIT license.

Created by Merlin Rebrović and Zoran Meliš



A Vim plugin that removes clutter and makes working on a widescreen monitor enjoyable.



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