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If you are a beginner - start here


Static website generators can be a bit overwhelming for the first time users. Docs are there, but it's not always easy to see where to start. Hyde Starter Kit is one of Hyde's default templates and it serves as a tutorial. Every page is a lesson that builds upon the previous. That way you will not be bombarded with too much information at the same time. This template guides you step by step through:

  • basic Hyde site structure
  • configuration file
  • Jinja templates
  • Markdown
  • basic metadata and plugins


If you have Hyde installed, you can create the template with:

hyde -s folder_name create -l starter

Or clone it from GitHub:

git clone git:// folder_name

Then enter the folder, generate and serve the template:

cd folder_name
hyde gen
hyde serve

If you are a competent user - contribute

If you feel you have mastered a particular area of Hyde very well and would like to share the knowledge, please fork this template and add a lesson in the advanced section. The best way would be to copy any file from content/advanced/ and modify its metadata and content. The only restriction is that Hyde Starter Kit can be generated with a default Hyde installation.