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Build a RESTful API with Laravel and MongoDB
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#Laravel Restful API Starter

Check out the WIKI now!

Contributions are welcome! for both code and doc :)

What is it about?

This starter is based on:

  • Laravel 4.2 : Use the power a lightweight trendy Framework

Use MongoDB for storage, and still Eloquent for ORM:

  • Eloquent for MongoDB : (Laravel MongoDB) You can easily use MongoDB (NoSQL) as well as the basic SQL database managed by Laravel (MySQL, PGSQL, SQLite, SQL server). Everything is already configured!
  • Seeder files (js) to set up MongoDB users

Send custom response messages:

  • ApiResponse (extends Illuminate\Support\Facades\Response) to quickly send json encoded response message, with adapted Http status codes, and even failed validation rules

Multi-device session:

  • Token : allow a user to login from multiple devices and track all his active sessions.

Social media login:

  • single config file: app/config/social.php
  • Facebook Authentication (sdk v4): Wrapper class to easily connect and retrieve info

Reset Password:

  • a simple and safe flow to reset a password with single-use short-lived token. No captcha, no personal question.

About it

Feedback appreciated

Contact me on GitHub



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