Nodejs-based utilities, SDK to consume BBC Nitro, iBL and /programmes APIs
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bbcparse - Nodejs-based utilities to document and consume BBC APIs, including Nitro

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Example of using nitroSdk.js

const nitro = require('bbcparse/nitroSdk');
const api = require('bbcparse/nitroApi/api');

const host = '';
const path = api.nitroMasterbrands;

let query = nitro.newQuery();

let options = {};

  // process the response object

Utilities to:

  • fetch API definitions (fetchApis.js)
  • create an OpenAPI 3.0 definition from the Nitro API feed (parseNitroApi.js)
  • create an OpenAPI 3.0 definition from the iBL API schema (parseIblApi.js)
  • show programme, brand or series information by category or searching (nitro.js)
  • show TV/radio category (genre/format) information (nitroCategories.js)
  • show channel (masterbrand) information (nitroChannels.js)
  • show partner (non-BBC services) information (nitroPartners.js)
  • show linear service IDs (nitroServices.js)
  • query the configured nitro host and return the response time (nitroPing.js)
  • show download information for a version PID (dlInfo.js)
  • find images by keyword (imageFinder.js)
  • show information for an image PID (imageInfo.js)
  • show TV iPlayer programme, category or channels information (ibl.js)
  • query the searchSuggest API (searchSuggest.js)
  • ignore programmes, brands or series by adding PIDs to a download_history file (ignore.js)
  • populate a download_history from existing files (populate_download_history.js)
  • populate a tv cache file (gip_ibl)
  • populate a radio cache file (gip_aod)

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