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+layout: default
+title: Repository List
+# The Repository List
+There are several repositories hosted on GitHub under the [craftyjs project](
+- []( A development section for []( It is updated frequently; it is [the suggested fork]( on the webpage; it contains more files including nonworking demos. These are the files on the [homepage](
+- [Crafty]( A development section for the library. It is pointed to for release notes from the [homepage]( and by [CraftyComponents](; it has the issues ([bug list](; it has the most forks; it has the crafty.js broken into seperate files with tools for reassembling. It does have a copy of some demos and the api code.
+- []( Another copy of the website, with an index.php. Does not appear to be frequently updated and may be inactive.
+- [CraftyComponents]( Web page file for [CraftyComponents]( which features a lots of snippets (or fiddles) of code, links to FlexPi, and other add-ons.

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