Limitations and Bugs

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  • Backup and restore does not work.
  • New WebEx users are created for users (assuming no email address collision) who create or host a meeting. On sites with a limited number of user slots, this may cause two accounts for one effective user.
  • When a Moodle user is used to create or host a meeting, a new WebEx user is created for them, with the prefix setting prepended to the username. If the email address is already taken, the user will be redirected to a field to enter their WebEx password. A workaround for this is to change the users existing email address in WebEx from something like to Everything between the + and the @ is ignored by email systems.
  • Only Meeting Center and Training Center are currently supported.
  • When a recording name is updated in Moodle, the information is sent to WebEx, but the name will not reflect the change in the WebEx user interface. This is a bug in WebEx.

Additional limitations for old releases:

Pre 2.6.1, 2.8.1, 3.0.1

  • If you host one meeting type (like Meeting Center), and then go to try and host a meeting of a different type (Training Center) you may get an error. Workaround: Go to the WebEx site and click "Log out". Then try again.

Pre 0.2.0

  • User WebEx passwords are stored in the database. This is because WebEx doesn't provide a way or retrieving a token for authentication - we must send the password with each request.
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