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RoRdit Build Status

RoRdit is a link aggregation web application like Reddit and Hacker News.

It uses number of technologies: Ruby on Rails for the back-end, VueJS for the front-end, PostgreSQL for database management, Elasticsearch for search engine.

With Rordit app, you can share link, make comment or give a point to link or comment after register the application.

You can test it here:


  1. First of all we need to database management system. Install PostgreSQL with this command:

    $ brew install postgresql

  2. After the installation we need to run PostgreSQL with this command:

    $ pg_ctl -D /usr/local/var/postgres start

    PS: If you want, you can use Postgres app for starting and stopping PosgreSQL easily.

  3. Now we need to RoRdit application. You can clone this repo with:

    $ git clone

  4. After the cloning process we need to install gems which are required for this application:

    $ cd RoRdit && bundle

  5. Now, we need to create database and create some settings. You have two options:

    • If you want create database and seed this database (with creating 1 admin user, 50 users, 50 links from Hacker News, 100 points, 100 comments):

      $ rake db:setup

    • Or you can create database and add only necessary site settings in Rails console:

      $ rake db:create

      $ rails c

      AdminUser.create(email: '', password: 'password', password_confirmation: 'password')
      SiteSetting.create(title: "RoRdit", slogan: "Slogan is here.")

      PS: If you don't want to do this job in rails console, you can just run settings task:

      $ rake settings:create

  6. After creating database and seeding with settings, we need to install elasticsearch. For that you have two options:

    • If you want to use Heroku, there is a good add-on for that called Bonsai. You only need to create an account for Bonsai and install Bonsai to your Heroku app. There is a guide for that at here.

    • If you want to run elasticsearch on your local server;

      1. First, we need to install elasticsearch:

        $ brew install elasticsearch

      2. Then, delete bonsai-elasticsearch-rails gem and add elasticsearch-model and elasticsearch-rails gems to Gemfile.

          gem 'elasticsearch-model'
          gem 'elasticsearch-rails'
      1. Finally, we need to run elasticsearch with this command:

        $ elasticsearch

  7. After the installation of elastichsarch we have one step for configuration the elasticsearch. In Rails console, we need to create index and import our Link model.

    $ rails c

  8. After the all steps, now, we can run the server with this command:

    $ rails s

If you want you can change your site title, slogan and logo at admin panel page: localhost:3000/admin

❗️ Don't forget to add SMTP settings at admin panel. Otherwise password recovery feature does not work.