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  • Manage visit & patient records
  • Search drugs on your local drug search engine
  • Schedule visits and see on big calendar
  • 140 different lesion types
  • 43 different symptom types
  • 28 different pathophysiology types
  • 59 different anatomical locations
  • 727 different diagnosis options
  • All of these features available in English(United States), English(Great Britain) and Turkish languages
  • Easy-to-use interactive anatomical map on base human mesh (male and female available)
  • Image capturing from USB Dermatoscope
  • Web based diagnosis suggestions
  • Artificial intelligence based diagnosis suggestions (AI trained for 12 days)

Using this software with a USB Dermatoscope is highly recommended for clinical success.

USB Dermatoscope

Installation of Node.js & npm & Meteor

sudo apt-get install nodejs nodejs-legacy npm
curl | sh

Install and run Dermatron

git clone
cd Dermatron/
meteor npm install

Then visit http://localhost:3000/

Before packaging, install electrify globally with sudo npm install -g electrify

Pack Dermatron for Linux

Run Dermatron at least one time with meteor command then:

rm -rf .electrify/ && electrify && cd .electrify/ && wget && rm index.js && wget && rm package.json && wget && wget && cd .. && electrify && electrify package

Pack Dermatron for Windows

Run Dermatron at least one time with meteor command then with PowerShell:

$(npm install -g rimraf | Out-Host;$?) -and $(rimraf .\.electrify\ | Out-Host;$?) -and $(electrify | Out-Host;$?) -and $(cd .\.electrify\ | Out-Host;$?) -and $(wget -OutFile loading.html | Out-Host;$?) -and $(rm index.js | Out-Host;$?) -and $(wget -OutFile index.js | Out-Host;$?) -and $(rm package.json | Out-Host;$?) -and $(wget -OutFile package.json | Out-Host;$?) -and $(wget -OutFile icon-128.png | Out-Host;$?) -and $(cd .. | Out-Host;$?) -and $(electrify | Out-Host;$?) -and $(electrify package | Out-Host;$?)

As of Meteor 1.4, it's using MongoDB version 3.2.6 (Announcing Meteor 1.4)

So you need exactly these binaries: win32/ (Official)

Extract files from the zip archive then copy mongod and mongo binaries and paste into ./resources/app/bin

Pack Dermatron for macOS

Run Dermatron at least one time with meteor command then with Terminal:

rm -rf .electrify/ && electrify && cd .electrify/ && wget && rm index.js && wget && rm package.json && wget && wget && wget && cd .. && electrify && electrify package -- --icon=.electrify/icon-128.icns

Don't forget to install wget with brew brew install wget or, use a bash alias:

function _wget() { curl "${1}" -o $(basename "${1}") ; };
alias wget='_wget'

Electrified & Materialized Iron Meteor with Alien Recipe

Alien is a bash script for creating Meteor Apps with well organized directory structure & a scaffolding tool.


./alien project PROJECT_NAME
./alien scaffold person createdAt:datetime name:string birthDate:date isAdmin:boolean
./alien links

By scaffolding Alien generates templates, helpers, events and server-side methods automatically. In server-side methods, for insert_document function, Alien adds createdAt field and timestamps it by default. It's good practice to generate your scaffolds always with createdAt:datetime as the first field.

Later on if you want to update one of your scaffolds just regenerate again:

./alien scaffold person createdAt:datetime name:string surname:string birthDate:date isAdmin:boolean

Thanks to MongoDB's schema-less architecture you don't need to migrate anything. Templates,helpers and events will be regenerated automatically.

Supported HTML controls are string, text, number, date, boolean, password, url, tel, email, file, color and select. datetime is also supported but only for server-side usage purposes.

./alien project PROJECT_NAME packages [PACKAGE_NAME] [PACKAGE_NAME] ...

Alien additionally downloads and installs all [PACKAGE_NAME]s given as arguments.

To change the default packages look for the PACKAGES constant and change it. But this action will cause several breaking changes so you will need to retouch the codes.

Then Electrify it

sudo npm install -g electrify
electrify package


Dermatology focused medical records software, augmented with computer vision and artificial intelligence [Meteor packaged with Electron]








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