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Homedir Bash Backup Scripts | Written and/or Modified by Dan Walker

If you intend on backing up everything in /home/, you can use home-backup to automatically backup everything within those directories to /backup/users/.

The home-backup script is modified from the default-backup which is/was available on Ubuntu’s website for scripted backups.

If you use MySQL, you can use mysql-backup, which will backup every database you have. Which is very nice, if you have lots of databases. There isn’t a script to restore though, you can use phpmyadmin to import.

The restore-home script is really the bread and butter of this script set. It allows you to restore folders or files from a specific backup. I spent quite sometime working this one out, making sure it worked correctly. For awhile, I hosted websites on a server in my apartment and used these scripts to automate the backup process. It worked very well.

#Using The Backup Scripts

  1. Schedule home-backup with cron or some other scheduling service.
  2. Let the magic happen.

#Using The Restore Script

  1. Run the script and follow the prompts.


  1. Institute error handling across the board. Right now, the scripts expect everything to be “perfect”.
  2. Include optional FTP/Cloud push for backups.

Please feel free to use as your wish and modify for your own needs.


Homedir Bash Backup Scripts | Written and/or Modified by Dan Walker




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