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Resources for the Town of Merveilles.


Instance Values

  • A demand for technology and society to re-center around sustainability, longevity, and balance with an emphasis on renewable energy.
  • A focus on decentralization, community activism, social justice, and civic empowerment.
  • A recognition that economic, social, and ecological injustices are all deeply interconnected.

Instance Rules


Upon joining the instance, we recommend that you first add an avatar to your profile, and write a post that describes who you are, include the #introduction tag in your post. You should also consider pinning this to your profile.

Merveilles is Invite Only

We want to keep the instance small. The aim of the Town is to facilitate a discussion on the various projects created by members of the Merveilles community. So, that is why we are keeping things invite-only for the time being. This is intentional to reduce the overhead on the moderation team and to focus on our existing members more. You may only receive an invite if someone already on the instance recommends you to the moderation team for review. Merveilles members should reach out to Somnius or Devine to invite new people.

Updates & Improvements

We have a Trello Board. This is used to show what improvements or adjustments are being made to the instance. Please take a look, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out to the admins.


This instance is funded by donations from Merveilles members, and a financial report is posted by Somnius each month that shows how much money is spent and received. If you would like to donate to keep the instance running, please feel free to do so on these platforms below. Any extra income over server expenses are used to fund Merveilles projects.


For the time being, you are not allowed to automatically cross-post from other social networks to our instance. If it's found that you don't respond to cross-posted interactions from external accounts on the instance, you will be considered as lurking and will be removed. Using twitter atlinks, like is also discouraged.

Animal Products

On this instance, we adopt non-speciesist values and keep our timeline free of animal cruelty. We do not allow pictures of dead animals, or animal products.

Brands & Products

While it is encouraged on the instance to share personal projects, it is discouraged to use the platform as a "brand", or to use your account solely to do repeated advertisement of products. You're welcome to add fundraising links to your profile description, and to share them on the local timeline from time to time.


NSFW content is permitted, but only under these conditions:

  • Put your post under a Content Warning.
  • Include "nsfw" in the text of the Content Warning.

Posts promoting certain types of problematic content are explicitly not allowed, including:

  • Bestiality (any sexualized depiction of non-cognizant animals)

    • Clarification: Explicit furry art, or depictions of anthropomorphized animals who have the mental capacity to consent, is allowed. However, depictions (and especially photography) of animals who cannot consent is not allowed at all. If capacity to consent is unclear, removal of a piece of content will be left to the administrators.
  • Pedophilia (or any sexualized depiction of children or young animals)

Common Hashtags

This is a list of common hashtags and their meanings in the town:

Blocked Domains restricts content from some domains. This instance is intended to be a quiet, peaceful place to work on projects. To keep it that way, we restrict content from domains that go against our rules and Code of Conduct preemptively. Please refer to the blocklist to see the full list.


Resources for the Merveilles Town instance



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