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Blocked Domains

This is a list of servers that Merveilles inhibits federation with in various ways. There are different levels of inhibition based on severity.

Format and legend reused from, many thanks.

Domain Severity Rationale Notes Media block Allows illegal content Specifically allows for erotic loli art, which is underage children. Suspension Harassment Slurs were not only hurled at an individual user, but they freely exist on the instance, unmoderated. Suspension Nazis Suspension "Nazi Pony Fucker" Suspension Harassment "All women have a right to be lewded," right in their instance description. Nope.

Severity legend

Media block
Media files from the server are not stored and therefore not displayed. Can be coupled with the sandbox severity.

Accounts from the server can still be found, followed and interacted with, however, toots from the server do not appear in the public timelines, and notifications don't reach local users unless that user follows the author.

No content from the server is stored or displayed, no communication with the server is possible.

Block removal

Should the circumstances that led to a domain being blocked change, we are ready to revise our block. Please e-mail for that.

We do not block servers for harassment if their moderation team is trying to tackle the problem; we always try to moderate locally first. However, if the server's culture is promoting harassment or the volume of it overwhelms our mods we resort to a sandbox or suspension for the server.