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# Log output:
# * 51c333e (12 days) <Gary Bernhardt> add vim-eunuch
# The time massaging regexes start with ^[^<]* because that ensures that they
# only operate before the first "<". That "<" will be the beginning of the
# author name, ensuring that we don't destroy anything in the commit message
# that looks like time.
# The log format uses } characters between each field, and `column` is later
# used to split on them. A } in the commit subject or any other field will
# break this.
AUTHOR="%C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset"
show_git_head() {
pretty_git_log -1
git show -p --pretty="tformat:"
pretty_git_log() {
git log --graph --pretty="tformat:${FORMAT}" $* |
# Line columns up based on } delimiter
column -s '}' -t |
# Page only if we need to
less -FXRS
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