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Mesa 3D graphics library (mirror; pull requests are ignored)
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olvaffe virgl: fix a sync issue in virgl_buffer_transfer_extend
In virgl_buffer_transfer_extend, when no flush is needed, it tries
to extend a previously queued transfer instead if it can find one.
Comparing to virgl_resource_transfer_prepare, it fails to check if
the resource is busy.

The existence of a previously queued transfer normally implies that
the resource is not busy, maybe except for when the transfer is
PIPE_TRANSFER_UNSYNCHRONIZED.  Rather than burdening us with a
lengthy comment, and potential concerns over breaking it as the
transfer code evolves, this commit makes the valid_buffer_range
check the only condition to take the fast path.

In real world, we hit the fast path almost only because of the
valid_buffer_range check.  In micro benchmarks, the condition should
always be true, otherwise the benchmarks are not very representative
of meaningful workloads.  I think this fix is justified.

The recent change to PIPE_TRANSFER_MAP_DIRECTLY usage disables the
fast path.  This commit re-enables it as well.

Signed-off-by: Chia-I Wu <>
Reviewed-by: Gurchetan Singh <>
Latest commit d31d25f Jul 16, 2019
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.gitlab-ci gitlab-ci: Build i386 and ARM drivers in surfaceless mode. Jul 13, 2019
bin symbols-check: introduce new python script Jul 10, 2019
build-support configure: commit test files Oct 16, 2017
docs radeonsi/gfx10: implement ARB_post_depth_coverage Jul 20, 2019
doxygen doxygen: Plumb through gallium/ to automated documentation May 30, 2016
include vulkan: bump headers & registry to 1.1.114 Jul 8, 2019
scons scons: s/HAVE_NO_AUTOCONF/HAVE_SCONS/ Jul 4, 2019
scripts improve portability May 3, 2019
src virgl: fix a sync issue in virgl_buffer_transfer_extend Jul 20, 2019
.dir-locals.el dir-locals.el: Adds White Space support Nov 14, 2016
.editorconfig editorconfig: Fix meson style May 24, 2019
.gitattributes Disable autocrlf on Visual Studio project files. Feb 28, 2008
.gitignore intel/tools: Add unit tests for assembler May 7, 2019
.gitlab-ci.yml gitlab-ci: Build i386 and ARM drivers in surfaceless mode. Jul 13, 2019
.mailmap .mailmap: Add a few more alises for myself Feb 13, 2019
.travis.yml travis: fix syntax, and drop unused stuff May 10, 2019 mesa: Enable asm unconditionally, now that gen_matypes is gone. Jul 1, 2019 mesa: Enable asm unconditionally, now that gen_matypes is gone. Jul 1, 2019 Remove HOST_OUT_release Aug 2, 2018
README.rst README: Drop the badges from the readme Feb 7, 2019
REVIEWERS docs: drop most autoconf references Apr 15, 2019
SConstruct scons: Require python 2.7 Aug 16, 2018
VERSION Bump version for 19.1 branch May 7, 2019
appveyor.yml appveyor: Revert commits adding Cygwin support. Jan 25, 2019 scons/svga: remove opt from the list of valid build types Oct 26, 2018 meson: remove unused env_test Jul 10, 2019
meson_options.txt lima: Reintroduce the standalone compiler Jul 18, 2019


Mesa - The 3D Graphics Library


This repository lives at Other repositories are likely forks, and code found there is not supported.

Build & install

You can find more information in our documentation (docs/install.html), but the recommended way is to use Meson (docs/meson.html):

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ meson ..
$ sudo ninja install


Many Mesa devs hang on IRC; if you're not sure which channel is appropriate, you should ask your question on Freenode's #dri-devel, someone will redirect you if necessary. Remember that not everyone is in the same timezone as you, so it might take a while before someone qualified sees your question. To figure out who you're talking to, or which nick to ping for your question, check out Who's Who on IRC.

The next best option is to ask your question in an email to the mailing lists:

Bug reports

If you think something isn't working properly, please file a bug report (docs/bugs.html).


Contributions are welcome, and step-by-step instructions can be found in our documentation (docs/submittingpatches.html).

Note that Mesa uses email mailing-lists for patches submission, review and discussions.

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