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Updated release notes for final official release

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- <b>Note: if you cannot move favicon bookmarks up in a bookmark shelf, please re-download version 0.8. The first posted version on 7/25/11 had debug code enabled which broke this feature. Thanks!</b></i></p>
<i>known issues</i><br />
<li>switching to Stainless from Expose does not update the menubar</li>
<li>minimizing Stainless windows to dock does not work </li>
<li>windows take a while to close on Stainless quit</li>
+ <li>Stainless is not compatible running in separate Mission Control desktop spaces</li>
+ <li>on some systems, a recent WebKit update (via Safari) causes text fields to have a black background</li>
- <i>version 0.8 (07/25/11, current release)</i><br />
+ <i>version 0.8 (07/25/11, final official release)</i><br />
<li>new: <b>Lion compatibility</b></li>
<li>new: 64-bit build</li>

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