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Memory Game (card game)


Memory Game is a card game in a witch you must find as many identical (or thematically similar) cards as possible.

So far the only natural medicine to lose memory is her permanent excercise!

In addition to the classic game (with searching for same pairs of cards) there are different difficulty, where you need to find same (or different) three of a kind, four of a kind or five of a kind cards...


Screenshots in Virtual Gallery    Learning Mode 1    Learning Mode 2    Learning Mode 3

Memory Game - mobile devices


From the menu, you can select picture, text, sound or combination (picture - text - sound) Memory Game.

Individual Memory Game are classified into different categories:

  • age category (children, adults, seniors)
  • processing (picture, text, sound, combined)
  • card identity (same pairs of cards, different pairs of cards)
  • card definition (pair, three of a kind, four of a kind, five of a kind)
  • difficulty (easy, normal, hard, extreme)
  • for disabled people (purblind, blind, age dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Pick's disease, ...)
  • learning foreign languages
  • special :)
  • multiplayer game (1 - 5 players) (desktop PC)
  • maximum mode (desktop PC)

In the game, you can increase or decrease the number of cards (depending on the screen resolution).

Game allows several times to uncover and cover all accessible cards.

Turnover speed of cards can be adjusted as necessary:

  • manually reversing cards
    • with the ESC key
    • click to the card area
  • automatic card reversal with a pause
    • 0.5 sec
    • 1 sec
    • 2 sec
    • 4 sec
    • 8 sec

With exposed cards, Auxiliary mode is available to highlight linked cards (pair, three of a kind, ...):

  • 0 - off a mode
  • 1 - automatic mode
  • 2 - manual mode


Memory Game is - online.

You can play from your internet browser. Almost all available browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer (Edge)...

You can also start a random game from the menu :)

A - Smallest children (e.g.
B - Children (e.g.
C - Adults (e.g.
D - Seniors (e.g.
E - Handicap (age-dementia, Alzheimer's-disease) (e.g.
F - Handicap (purblind) (e.g.
G - Handicap (blind) (e.g.
H - Special-extreme (e.g.

How to improve memory?

Alternative No.1:
Memory Game
TOP games

Alternative No.2:
Individual memory games can also be launched through the game index, e.g.
(index number is in the range 1 - 1511, except for 894 - 907, 1451 - 1507)
using the game index listing

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Memory Game - card game ... (Pexeso - kartová hra)




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