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Gif of lazily wandering stars

This is a simulation of gravitational attraction between lots of 'stars'.

The Barnes-Hut Algorithm is used to efficiently calculate the forces acting on each star.

Gif of recursive partition grid

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • WASD or HJKL: Pan.
  • Arrow Keys: Slow pan.
  • =: Zoom in.
  • -: Zoom out.
  • 0: Zoom standard.
  • Home: Return to original view.
  • b: Toggle bounding box rendering.
  • f: Toggle brute-force mode. Stars turn blue when this mode is active, and gravitational attraction is calculated for every single pair of stars. The Barnes-Hut grid is not updated.
  • g: Toggle Barnes-Hut grid rendering.
  • p: Pause/unpause simulation.
  • t: Toggle star trail rendering.