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Onomate - DNS Manager


In the words of my friend S.Simonton: "Onomate? Sounds like automate but refers to onomatology. Also it's yr mate like yr friend in naming things. Also yr question is so meta"


The file service/service.js will create the system and requires a configuration file passed via the '--config' option. A configuration file with every option is shown below: = {
	user: 'postgres-user',
	password: 'secret',
	host: 'localhost',
	database: 'onomate-dev'
exports.http = {
	port: 9000

The configuration file is required(), so you may do whatever environment processing required to produce your configuration. The storage options are passed directly to the pg library, and any options accepted by pg should be caccepted here.


Please see service/config.js for configuration examples.

npm install
npm run setup
node service/service.js --config service/config

And launch y'er browser to the port you specified (by default 9000).

Life Cycle

This is really alpha-quality; but I'll be releasing new features as I need them or others contribute.


Only backend currently supported is PostgreSQL. 'cause an Elephant never forgets. To install the schema: salt and pepper database.json to taste; then run the following command:

npm install && ./node_modules/.bin/db-migrate up

Other Storage Mechanisms

I think it would be great if someone would like to maintain a MySQL storage engine, or possibly one of the NoSQL solutions.


Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License, copyright 2014 by Mark Eschbach. Please see LICENSE and NOTICE for additional details.

Application Stack

Browser Tier

Angular + Bower

Service Tier

Express 4.0 over NodeJS



Assembly Integration Testing

Currently there are assembly level acceptance tests under test/assembly. The name assembly was chosen because the serivce should be able to live within a larger node web application, or at least configurable from a Node driver.

The tests are currently hardwired to assume the test service is running on 9000 locally with a Selenium Web Driver on 9515.

To run the tests use maven, it will grab all of the dependencies and run the testing suite.


The system is currently open, however I'm planning on adding a swappable security module with a default configurable database.


PowerDNS Front End written in NodeJS




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