Awesome is a list of Services and Applications developed using MESG by the community
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Welcome to MESG!

Here you will find a list of services developed by the community using MESG. All of the services in this Awesome list can be reused to create new applications and solutions. Now, building powerful applications can be as easy as connecting the existing services below.

Not sure how to get started building with MESG? Begin with the tutorials, or use the contribution guide below.




  • Location - Find locations of IP addresses.



  • MESG Discord Invitation - MESG service to invite users to join the MESG Discord
  • Webhook - Send and receive Webhooks through MESG
  • Slack - MESG service that sends a notification on Slack
  • Devcon update - MESG service that sends a notification when there is an update on the Devcon website
  • Email Sendgrid - Send emails through Sendgrid's API
  • MESG Pusher - Send notifications through Pusher's API


  • Stripe - Easily charge customers through Stripe and get payment notifications in real time


  • JS function - MESG service that executes a Javascript function


Share your Awesome MESG service

  • Edit the Readme
  • Add your service in the "Service" section under the appropriate category (you can create a new category, please respect the alphabetical order)
  • Add a line with the following format [Service Name](url_of_the_repository) - Description
  • Create a pull request with your modifications

Want a new service created but don’t know how to code it?

  • Create a new service proposal
  • Fill in the service's information
  • Submit your proposal
  • Bonus: Join the MESG Discord and share the issue with the rest of the community to find someone that might be interested in using it

Not so much the creative type and prefer to be a builder?

  • Check out the list of services that the community would like created and needs help with

Need more help?

Found a bug?

New to Github?

  • Our community follows the Github Flow. Refer to this guide to learn more about forking, commits, pull requests and merging