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on new blocks taking a while to be found
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mesh0000 committed Mar 27, 2018
2 parents e41c45c + 95d3848 commit 4e8c550cb2617d24b55f4049da1eb0a1479560bb
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  1. +5 −1 app/user/help/faq.js
@@ -65,6 +65,10 @@ app.controller('FAQCtrl', function($scope, $location, $anchorScroll, $sce, dataS
title: "Payout thresholds?",
answer: $sce.trustAsHtml("Payout threshold is the minimum amount that needs to be earned before the pool pays out to your wallet. Since transactions in Monero have a significant miner fees, it's cost effective to set a higher payout threshold for your pool. The minimum value for this is usually 0.3 XMR.<br/><br/>To change your payment threshold, click the wrench after you login via \"Login\" button on the top right.<br/><br/>You could also adjust your payout threshold to regulate your payout schedule etc daily/weekly etc depending on your hash rate.")
title: "Why hasn't my \"Total Due\" amount increased?",
answer: $sce.trustAsHtml("Sometimes, the monero blockchain will take a couple days for a new block to be found. Although you are contributing shares, the pool cannot guarantee your earnings until they are static.")
title: "Getting paid in BTC",
answer: $sce.trustAsHtml("nodejs-pool supports direct payments to btc. This is done by using the shapeshift API to convert your XMR and send them to a BTC wallet.<br/><br/>To configure BTC payments please have a look at <a href='#/help/getting_started'>Getting Started</a> command line samples.")
@@ -109,4 +113,4 @@ app.controller('FAQCtrl', function($scope, $location, $anchorScroll, $sce, dataS

// end

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