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<span class="md-headline">Welcome to {{GLOBALS.pool_name}}</span>
<span class="md-subhead">A high performance pool that has nodes in several key locations around the globe and exremely low fees.</span>
<span class="md-subhead">We promise to bring you the best ping, uptime and returns no matter where your based. Join now & help strengthen the XMR network while creating some XMR on the way!</span>
<h3>Start mining now <span class="md-subhead">(visit <a href="#/help/getting_started">getting started</a>)</span> or track your rigs at the <a href="#/dashboard">Dashboard</a></h3>
<div class="md-headline">Welcome to {{GLOBALS.pool_name}}</div>
<h3>Update welcome content in app/welcome.html</h3>
<p>Please stay tuned for more features and changes! If you have a feature request, please poke Snipa on in <a href="#/help/chat">#monero-pools</a></p>
<h4>Pool Features!</h4>
<li>PaymentID payments for Exchanges</li>
<li>PPLNS and Solo mining systems</li>
<li>Patched for the 127 transaction bug</li>
<li>Geographically diverse server locations with GeoDNS</li>
<li>Well-documented <a href="">API</a> with active development efforts</li>
<li>Payments direct to BTC via and depending on who's got the best rates</li>
<li>Supports the Monero network by offering high speed block transit from London to Singapore via the USA</li>
<li>Set your own payment thresholds for normal wallets + exchanges!</li>
<li>Per-Worker hashrate charts</li>
<li>Payments every 2 hours</li>
<li>E-mail/SMS notification of miners down</li>
<h4>New Features!</h4>
<li>12/31/2017 - New Username/Password Formats (Check the FAQ for details!)</li>
<li>12/29/2017 - Integrated Address Support (Tux Exchange users rejoice!)</li>
<h4>Upcoming Features</h4>
<li>Websocket based stats for rapid updates</li>
<li>New stratum protocol for XMR as developed by Wolf0</li>
@@ -35,7 +35,6 @@ $ npm install # runs everything, serve from ./build
* Websockets
* Miner graph colour picker
### Support
* I'm usually on #monero-pools so drop me a line if you need help with something or have a feature request.

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