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CCAvenue integration for ActiveMerchant.



You need to install the ActiveMerchant gem or rails plugin. More info about ActiveMerchant installation can be found at

As a gem

Install the gem [recommended]:

> sudo gem install active_merchant_ccavenue

To use the ActiveMerchantCcavenue gem in a Rails application, add the following line in your environment.rb:

config.gem 'active_merchant_ccavenue'

As a Rails plugin

To add ActiveMerchantCcavenue as a plugin in a Rails application, run the following command in your application root:

> ./script/plugin install


Once you have a merchant account with CCAvenue, you need to generate your encryption key. This can be done in their 'Settings & Options -> Generate Working Key' page at the time of writing. Note them down and make sure your account is activated.

Then create an initializer, like initializers/payment.rb. Add the following lines:

ActiveMerchant::Billing::Integrations::Ccavenue.setup do |cca|
  cca.merchant_id = M_blahpache_5678 #your CCAvenue merchant id from the working key generation page
  cca.work_key = 6abc0ty90e0v7jk9hj #your CCAvenue working key
CCAVENUE_ACCOUNT = 'youraccountname'

If ActiveMerchant's actionview helpers don't load automatically, add the line in your initializer:

ActionView::Base.send :include, ActiveMerchant::Billing::Integrations::ActionViewHelper

Example Usage

Once you've configured ActiveMerchantCcavenue, you need a checkout action; my view looks like:

<% payment_service_for @order.order_id, CCAVENUE_ACCOUNT,
    :amount => @order.price,
    :currency => 'INR',
    :service => :ccavenue do |service| %>    
  <%  service.customer :name =>,
             :email =>,
             :phone => %>    
  <%  service.redirect :return_url => confirm_order_url(@order) %>
  <%= submit_tag 'Proceed to payment' %>
<% end %>

You also need a return or confirmation action; my action looks like:

@notification =
if @notification.payment_id.present?
  @order = Order.find_by_order_id(@notification.payment_id)
  if @notification.complete? and @notification.valid?


Copyright © 2010 Suman Debnath. See LICENSE for details.