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P2P Audio/Video call people over local networks. No server or Internet access needed.
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Voice- and video calls without any server or Internet access. Simply scan each others QR-Code and call each other. This works in many local networks such as community mesh networks, company networks or at home.


  • audio and video calls
  • encrypted communication
  • database backup and encryption
  • add custom addresses to reach contacts


Get it on F-Droid Get it on GitHub



Meshenger exchanges the contact name, public key and MAC/IP/DNS address via QR-Code. By default, only a MAC address is transferred as address and then used to create an IPv6 link local address to connect to the contact. This does not even need a DHCP server. The exchanged public key is used to authenticate/encrypt signaling data to establish a WebRTC session that can trasmit audio and video.

Details can be found in the Documentation or in the FAQ.

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