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True P2P voice- and video phone calls without the need for accounts or access to the Internet. There is no discovery mechanism, no meshing and no servers. Just scan each others QR-Code that will contain the contacts IP address. This works in many off-the-grid networks such as community mesh networks but also in company networks or at home.


  • voice and video calls
  • no accounts or registration
  • encrypted communication
  • database backup and encryption
  • add custom addresses to reach contacts


  • no calls through firewalls / NAT borders
  • no calls after MAC / IP address change


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Visit to contribute translations. An alternative is to directly translate the values in strings.xml and then to create a pull request or send it via Email.


Meshenger connects to IP addresses in a true P2P fashion. Contacts are shared via QR-Code. They contain a name, a public key and a list of MAC/IPv4/IPv6 addresses or domain names. By default, only a single MAC address is transferred and used to create an IPv6 link local address (among others) to establish a connection. This does not even need a DHCP server. The exchanged public key is used to authenticate/encrypt signaling data to establish a WebRTC session that can transmit voice and video.

Details can be found in the Documentation or in the FAQ.

Similar Projects

This list only contains Open Source projects.

  • linphone - many features, uses SIP, can use IP addresses, but not easy to use
  • Keet - many features, uses a DHT, Bitcoin payments (might not be Open Source)
  • Briar - text messages only, for the Internet the Tor network is used
  • Jami - many features, but might not work in mesh or local networks
  • Berty - text messages only, uses Bluetooth LE
  • Qaul - many features, interlinked P2P mesh via BLE, Wifi & Internet-overlay