An Opensource Seedbox powered by Docker, Compose, Let's Encrypt, Ruby, Redis, MySQL, ruTorrent, Emby, and React!
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Disclaimer: Neither this project nor its owner will take any responsibility for any illegal use.

Mr Seedbox

I use this repo to test weird coding habits on a larger scale, don't expect the code to be pretty

New Screenshots

Install process (Still wip, sorry!):

  1. Be running Linux
  • Install Git
  • Install docker
  • Install docker-compose
  • Create a Google API Project
  • Add the Google+ API library
  • Generate some Credentials for Oauth2
    • Application Type:
      • Web Application
    • Authorized origins:
      • https://localhost or
    • Authorized redirect URIs:
      • https://localhost/oauth2callback or
  • git clone
  • cd mrseedbox
  • cp common.env.default common.env
  • cp docker-compose.yml.default docker-compose.yml OR cp letsencrypt-docker-compose.yml docker-compose.yml for letsencrypt
  • Edit your docker-compose.yml and common.env files (put google api client and secret in)
    • Make sure you change EXAMPLE.COM if you're using the letsencrypt dockerfile
  • Generate a SSL Cert: ./setup
    • If you are using LetsEncrypt, you can use certbot certonly --standalone
    • If you are using LetsEncrypt, make sure you generate a dhparam:
      • sudo openssl dhparam -out /etc/ssl/certs/dhparam.pem 2048
  • The first person to connect and auth will be the "owner"
  • You will have to go through the initial emby setup at localhost:8096!
  • If you are migrating from the old versions, you may have to docker build backend before starting the containers. If that doesn't work, you should remove all containers and images associated with this app and ./start it again
  • Don't forget to add this to your MyAnimeList Custom CSS for the best experience: @import url(

If you do use the above LetsEncrypt instructions, you should get some nice A+ SSL like this:

Commands (from shell):

  • ./start - start, build, and update containers. If you need to update emby, you can run this
  • docker-compose up -d - same as above
  • ./stop - should stop containers
  • docker-compose kill ; docker-compose rm -f - same as above
  • ./db - should open db container for debugging
  • ./server - should restart sinatra server container (by force >:) )
  • docker-compose restart mrseedbox_backend_1 - should be a nicer way of doing above
  • docker logs -f mrseedbox_backend_1 - read logs from sinatra server
  • docker ps - list containers
  • docker exec -it mrseedbox_backend_1 bash - get a shell in the backend container
  • You should know that creating a debug file in the backend folder will prevent authentication


Things You Need

  • You need docker
  • NPM/node

Updating the Backend (./backend)

  1. Make your changes
  2. docker build .
  3. ./start from the parent directory and docker logs -f mrseedbox_backend_1 and check if there were any problems starting the container

Updating the frontend (./backend/public/js)

  1. Change app.jsx
  2. npm install --only=dev in backend/public/js
  3. npm test