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Loadable Modules - Add your own custom features to Mesibo

This repository contains the Sample Loadable Modules that you can use as a reference, to quickly see Mesibo Modules in action!

The complete documentation for Mesibo Modules is available here

List of Sample Modules

  • Skeleton Barebones version of a Mesibo Module that explains the usage of different aspects of the module, various callback functions, callable functions, and utilities.

  • Filter Filter module to monitor and moderate all the messages between your users (for example, to drop messages containing profanity)

  • Translate Translator module to translate each message before sending it to destination. Sample translate Module uses Google Translate for translation.

  • Chatbot Chatbot module to analyze messages using various AI and machine learning tools like Tensorflow, Dialogflow, etc. and send an automatic reply. Sample Chatbot Module uses Dialogflow

  • FCGI FCGI module to interface with a messaging backend and run scripts on your web server.

  • V8 V8 Module to load and call functions in ECMAScript. Sample V8 Module uses the embeddable JS Engine V8

Compiling Modules

To compile a Mesibo module, go to module directory and run make from the module directory.

sudo make

On the successful build of your module, verify that the target path should contain your shared library. Example, /usr/lib64/mesibo/mesibo_mod_<module name>.so

Loading Modules

To load a Mesibo module provide the configuration in /etc/mesibo/mesibo.conf. You can copy the configuration from sample.conf provided in each repo, into /etc/mesibo/mesibo.conf and modify values accordingly.

Mount the directory /path/to/mesibo_mod_<module name>.so containing your module(.so file) while running the mesibo container. For example, if the module is located at /usr/lib64/mesibo/

sudo docker run  -v /certs:/certs -v  /usr/lib64/mesibo/:/usr/lib64/mesibo/ \
         -v /etc/mesibo:/etc/mesibo -net host -d mesibo/mesibo <app token> 

Refer Mesibo Modules Documentation for more details.


Mesibo On-Premise Loadable Modules






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