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Simple Bubble

Simple HTML5/CSS3 Empathy theme

theme preview

This theme is a simple fast empathy theme that uses pure CSS to create the chat bubble effect. It is very easy to change the colors to match your desktop, just copy an existing file in the Variants folder, rename it and change the CSS hex color values. There are numerous colors available, as well as dark and light verions and an alternating bubble theme.

The Dark version is here:

dark theme with image preview


Create the following directory:

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/adium/message-styles/SimpleBubble.AdiumMessageStyle

Copy the theme files there


  • responsive bubbles that resize with window resizing
  • simple and fast
  • made to work with empathy
  • image links are turned into embeded thumbnail links


  • dark version - done
  • Alternating Theme - done
  • CSS fade in animation? (is this needed?)
  • Custom font - done (currently Open Sans)
  • Display image links inline - done, might need some testing/work