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A Git-based application deployment tool that allows you to define your environment by utilizing modules and provision your server with basic deployment needs.
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.bundle Added Bundler for Gem management.
bin "heavenly push production # Pushes the master branch to the productio…
spec Fixed the issue where in previous Ruby versions the 'ordering' of the…
.gitignore Updated GitIgnore to ignore .gitpusshuten files.
.rspec Using Fuubar for formatting RSpec test output.
Gemfile Using Fuubar for formatting RSpec test output.
Gemfile.lock Releasing version 0.0.5!
LICENSE Added MIT License. Fixed the katakana typo.
gitpusshuten.gemspec Moved the VERSION constant into a separate file to avoid the Bundler …

Git Pusshuten ( プッシュ天 )

Heavenly Git-based (Application) Deployment!

Visit Git Pusshuten's Official Website for documentation, guides and other information!

"Git Pusshuten's Official Website" is also open source!

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