Unofficial BBC iPlayer plugin for the DivX Connected set-top box
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BBC iPlayer plugin for DivX Connected

This is an unofficial BBC iPlayer plug-in for DivX Connected (UK only)

The plug-in allows you to select and watch programmes from a wide range of feeds, including content from all major BBC television channels, on your DivX Connected set-top box.

It is not currently possible, however, to view items which require age verification.

For the smoothest playback, ensure that the frame rate settings on the Performance tab of the server options are both set to '25FPS (PAL)' and multi-sampling is set to 2x or higher.

The plug-in is created using a combination of JavaScript, ActionScript 3 and MXML.


The DivX Connected plugin is stored in the bin-plugin folder and can be installed simply by double clicking on it on any PC with DivX Connected installed.

Check out the Mesmotronic Blog for more information about this and Mesmotronic's other DivX Connected plugins: