dcbaker and jpakkane Allow link_depends to take strings, Files or generated objects. Closes

Currently only strings can be passed to the link_depends argument of
executable and *library, which solves many cases, but not every one.
This patch allows generated sources and Files to be passed as well.

On the implementation side, it uses a helper method to keep the more
complex logic separated from the __init__ method. This also requires
that Targets set their link_depends paths as Files, and the backend is
responsible for converting to strings when it wants them.

This adds tests for the following cases:
- Using a file in a subdir
- Using a configure_file as an input
- Using a custom_target as an input

It does not support using a generator as an input, since currently that
would require calling the generator twice, once for the -Wl argument,
and once for the link_depends.

Also updates the docs.
Latest commit 7053d9a Apr 20, 2017