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Chronos Documentation Website

Run it locally

Ensure you have installed everything listed in the dependencies section before following the instructions.



  1. Install packages needed to generate the site

    • On Linux:

      $ apt-get install ruby-dev make autoconf nodejs nodejs-legacy python-dev
    • On Mac OS X:

      $ brew install node
  2. Clone the Chronos repository

  3. Change into the "docs" directory where docs live

    $ cd docs
  4. Install Bundler

    $ gem install bundler
  5. Install the bundle's dependencies

    $ bundle install
  6. Start the web server

    $ bundle exec jekyll serve --watch
  7. Visit the site at http://localhost:4000/chronos/

Deploying the site

  1. Clone a separate copy of the Chronos repo as a sibling of your normal Chronos project directory and name it "chronos-gh-pages".

    $ git clone chronos-gh-pages
  2. Check out the "gh-pages" branch.

    $ cd /path/to/chronos-gh-pages
    $ git checkout gh-pages
  3. Copy the contents of the "docs" directory in master to the root of your chronos-gh-pages directory.

    $ cd /path/to/chronos
    $ cp -r docs/** ../chronos-gh-pages
  4. Change to the chronos-gh-pages directory, commit, and push the changes

    $ cd /path/to/chronos-gh-pages
    $ git commit . -m "Syncing docs with master branch"
    $ git push