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Corrected order of CountMinSketchMonoid arguments

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commit b5e60c3253748cf87a76c713ae3388dce1b03107 1 parent 2be2295
Erik van oosten erikvanoosten authored
2  examples/src/main/scala/spark/streaming/examples/TwitterAlgebirdCMS.scala
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ object TwitterAlgebirdCMS {
val users = => status.getUser.getId)
- val cms = new CountMinSketchMonoid(DELTA, EPS, SEED, PERC)
+ val cms = new CountMinSketchMonoid(EPS, DELTA, SEED, PERC)
var globalCMS =
val mm = new MapMonoid[Long, Int]()
var globalExact = Map[Long, Int]()
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