Running Spark Demo Guide

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  1. Create directory for spark demo:

     ~$ mkdir SparkTest
  2. Copy the sbt files in ~/spark/sbt directory:

     ~/SparkTest$ cp -r ../spark/sbt .
  3. Edit the ~/SparkTest/sbt/sbt file to look like this:

     java -Xmx800M -XX:MaxPermSize=150m -jar $(dirname $0)/sbt-launch-*.jar "$@"
  4. To build a Spark application, you need Spark and its dependencies in a single Java archive (JAR) file. Create this JAR in Spark's main directory with sbt as:

     ~/spark$ sbt/sbt assembly
  5. create a source file in ~/SparkTest/src/main/scala directory:

     ~/SparkTest/src/main/scala$ vi Test1.scala
  6. Make the contain of the Test1.scala file like this:

     import spark.SparkContext
     import spark.SparkContext._
     object Test1 {
       def main(args: Array[String]) {
         val sc = new SparkContext("local", "SparkTest")
         println(sc.parallelize(1 to 10).reduce(_ + _))
  7. Run the Test1.scala file:

     ~/SparkTest$ sbt/sbt run