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RENDLER implementation in C++


  • google log
  • Makefile assumes all 3rdparty libraries/headers to be available in the default include path (/usr/include?).
  • render.js present in the parent directory.


  • CPUs per task: 0.2
  • Memory per task: 32 (MB?)


  • Doesn't store the images to S3, just locally.
  • Image files are kept in rendler-work-dir in the same folder as the render_executor executable.
  • Images files are named R where N is a monotonically increasing integer.
  • Doesn't crawl outside of the given base URL (it will still render those webpages) to avoid pulling in too much data.
  • Doesn't check for rendering error if a URL is not rendered. Ideally, it should have a dummy image to indicate rendering failure.

Communication between Scheduler and Executors:

  • Each framework message consists of a vector of strings: RenderExecuter->Scheduler: { taskId, taskUrl, filepath } CrawlExecuter->Scheduler: { taskId, taskUrl, + }


$ vagrant ssh
vagrant@mesos:~ $ cd hostfiles/cpp

# Update install dependencies
vagrant@mesos:cpp $ sudo apt-get update
vagrant@mesos:cpp $ sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev libboost-regex1.55-dev \
				  libprotobuf-dev libgoogle-glog-dev protobuf-compiler

# Build
vagrant@mesos:cpp $ make all

# Start the scheduler with the seed url, the mesos master ip
vagrant@mesos:cpp $ rendler --seedUrl --master
# <Ctrl+C> to stop...