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Gilbert88 and hectorj2f Added Nvidia GPU monitoring support. (#285)
* nvidia: Added nvidia-dcgm-exporter chart for gpu metrics

* nvidia: Added gpu dashboard at grafana

* nvidia: Fixed the dcgm exporter daemonset

* nvidia: Removed the note for grafana dashboard

* nvidia: Fixed dcgm chart values yaml file

* nvidia: Bumped the nvidia chart version to 0.2.0

* nvidia: Added descriptions for Nvidia helm charts

* nvidia: Used template for chart metadata names
Latest commit a370c21 Dec 13, 2019
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docs charts: Add kommander-thanos chart (#195) Oct 30, 2019
hack Add Makefile to generate helm repo for github pages Jun 29, 2019
staging Added Nvidia GPU monitoring support. (#285) Dec 13, 2019
test [dispatch] chore: add tekton as a requirement, manage crds correctly (#… Dec 5, 2019
CODEOWNERS Add devx team as CODEOWNERS for stable/dispatch Dec 9, 2019
LICENSE Ensure this is not licensed, per management directive Jul 1, 2019
Makefile charts: Adds a chart which can deploy an ingress (#244) Nov 7, 2019

Reason for adding this chart

Kubenetes Federation v2 (kubefed) currently does not support federating out annotations by default. The only way to have annotations be included in the per-cluster overrides. Since there is no way to target all clusters with an override going this route would require writing a controller. Instead we create a new addon that has the necessary annotations applied during addon installation.

Helm Charts

Use this repository to submit Mesosphere owned Charts for Helm. Charts are curated application definitions for Helm. For more information about installing and using Helm, see its To get a quick introduction to Charts see this chart document.

Where to find us

For general Helm Chart discussions join the Konvoy (#kubernetes) room in Slack.

For issues and support for Helm and Charts see Support Channels.

How do I install these charts

To add these charts for your local client, run helm repo add:

$ helm repo add mesosphere-staging
"mesosphere-staging" has been added to your repositories

You can then run helm search mesosphere-staging to see the charts.

Chart Format

Take a look at the alpine example chart and the nginx example chart for reference when you're writing your first few charts.

Before contributing a Chart, become familiar with the format. Note that the upstream project is still under active development and the format may still evolve a bit.

Repository Structure

This GitHub repository contains the source for the packaged and versioned charts released in the mesosphere-stable and mesosphere-staging repos.

The Charts in the stable/ directory in the master branch of this repository match the latest packaged Chart in the Chart Repository, though there may be previous versions of a Chart available in that Chart Repository.

The purpose of this repository is to provide a place for maintaining and contributing official Charts, with CI processes in place for managing the releasing of Charts into the Chart Repository.

The Charts in this repository are organized into two folders:

  • stable
  • staging

Stable Charts meet the criteria in the technical requirements.

Staging Charts are those that have pending contributions upstream that are not yet merged. Having the staging folder allows charts to be hosted and used until a PR is accepted upstream. A chart PR into the staging repository will not be accepted without an accompanying upstream pull request.

Contributing a Chart

We'd love for you to contribute a Chart. Please consider contributing upstream first. Please read our Contribution Guide for more information on how you can contribute Charts.

Note: We use the same workflow.

Review Process

For information related to the review procedure used by the Chart repository maintainers, see Merge approval and release process.

Stale Pull Requests and Issues

Pull Requests and Issues that have no activity for 30 days automatically become stale. After 30 days of being stale, without activity, they become rotten. Pull Requests and Issues can rot for 30 days and then they are automatically closed. This is the standard stale process handling for all repositories on the Kubernetes GitHub organization, a standard which we will follow.

Supported Kubernetes Versions

This chart repository supports the latest and previous two minor versions of Kubernetes. For example, if the latest minor release of Kubernetes is 1.15 than 1.13, 1.14, and 1.15 are supported. Charts may still work on previous versions of Kubernertes even though they are outside the target supported window.

To provide that support the Kubernetes API versions of objects should be those that work for all supported releases.

Status of the Project

By it's very nature, this project is still under active development, so you might run into issues. If you do, please don't be shy about letting us know, or better yet, contribute a fix or feature.

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