@mgummelt mgummelt released this Dec 18, 2016 · 43 commits to master since this release

It was discovered before this release that DC/OS Apache Cassandra 1.0.19 introduced a breaking enum change that caused data corruption. Upgrades from 1.0.18->1.0.19 and 1.0.19->1.0.20 will fail. Please do not use version 1.0.19, and read the detailed upgrade path instructions here.


  • Fixed corrupted enum state (#346)
  • Task failure during staging leaves orphaned executor, preventing recovery (#290)


  • Drain the Cassandra node that we are trying to kill so that the it shuts down gracefully and clients do not receive timeout exceptions
  • Schema restore
  • Support for enable_user_defined_functions
  • Support for otc_coalescing_strategy
  • Support for cassandra.ssl_storage_port (#343)